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Forex Price Action Trading Live: See The Next Trade Live in Advance

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If you enjoy live real time trading, you will definitely want to see every episode of these live price action trading demonstrations for all forex trading signals.

Forex trading live at it's finest and highest level is what we experienced all throughout this week with FOMC and continuation of the uptrend on Gold, the major drop on the U.S. dollar and the best trades, in my opinion, staying in the EUR NZD short as I demonstrated live earlier this week.

Today we finally identified an entry in forex live trading on the EUR NZD. Once again the best forex trading signals are the ones you plan in advance and identify yourself because of your ability to read the markets using price action, Ellliott Wave Theory and understanding of all aspects of how to read and analyze markets using technical analysis.

Join me live as we explore the next step in the step by step demonstration on how to identify market turning points using the most effective price action trading strategy available based on proven results. No need to focus on the type of Elliott Wave Forex or any Elliot Wave Theory but you do need to see what markets do in reality which continually form patterns of impulsive vs corrective price action which reveals to you the exact entry points if you know what the visual clues are that show this.

Many people have asked how we are able to do this and how many traders are able to get consistent profit from high probability trades. It certainly is not from the Forex goat. And the ability to read markets enables the trader to choose either long term strategy or short term strategy depending on the current market conditions and that traders schedule and lifestyle.
This ability creates the perfect entry strategy and even a low-risk scalping strategy for that day's opportunity. Reading the market also creates a stay in your trades strategy more effective than anything else you can do.
If your main objective with Forex trading is about how to make money you will want to pay attention to the difference between theory designed to entertain people and actually trading methods based on your own development of trading skill.
A simple forex trading strategy is to read the market and enter when it is turning and then stay in the trade and exit when it is turning again. The difficulty is that most people cannot distinguish the difference between the fluctuation of price and a turning point. This is a critical skill and once you possess this skill you can use it over and over for making good trading decisions.

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